Custom Denomination iTunes Gift Cards Now On Sale

If you were planning on buying someone an iTunes gift card this holiday season, you may be glad to hear that Apple has begun to roll out new versions of the card that let you add custom amounts of money.

Previously, Apple only sold iTunes gift cards in $15, $25, $50 and $100 denominations. This meant that if you wanted to give someone a $40 iTunes card, you’d have to buy a $25 and a $15 card. Now you can simply buy an iTunes gift card, bring it to the cash and tell the cashier how much money you’d like to put on it. You’re allowed to put anywhere between $15 and $500 on the card. Unfortunately, this means you can’t get someone you hate a $1 card nor can you give a $100,000 card to the girl of your dreams.

Some stores have reportedly already begun selling the new cards as of today, but it’s expected that they should roll out to all retail stores as the weeks go on.

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