Court Orders Apple To Pay Samsung’s Legal Fees For Fiddling Around With Its Apology Letter

To the public, Apple’s juvenile display of protest regrading the courts ruling that the company apologize publicly to Samsung for claiming the company copied the iPad was humorous. To the judge of the case and Samsung’s lawyers, the game wasn’t all that funny. The UK court has now ordered Apple to pay Samsung’s legal fees that were incurred after the first apology letter was published online. According to the court, Apple’s apology was misleading and false, and Samsung shouldn’t be required to foot the bill for having to re-appear in court.

Apple and Samsung have been battling it out in court around the globe. In some countries courts have found Samsung guilty of infringing on patents, while in others courts have found Samsung not guilty. In the UK, Samsung was found to be not guilty and as a result Apple was forced to apologize publicly to the company.

If the ongoing apology saga is any indication, it’s pretty clear that Apple thinks the UK court over-stepped by making the company publicly apologize to Samsung. How a company can be guilty of infringement in one country to the tune of a billion dollars, and not guilty in others is a question we would like some answers to at this point.

Yay Globalization.

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