Apple’s Rewritten Apology To Samsung Appears In UK Newspapers

Yesterday Apple was ordered by the UK court of appeal to remove its so-called “apology” to Samsung from its website as it was considered “non-compliant” with the court order. Apple was required to produce a corrected statement within 48 hours and this statement is now appearing in newspapers in the UK.

Apple has taken out a small advertisement in this morning’s Guardian in the UK and included the same statement that was on the Apple website, minus the extra bit that got the company into trouble. (Apple acknowledged that Samsung was found not guilty of infringing on its patents in the UK but then included other court orders that found Samsung guilty, pretty much saying Samsung did copy).

The statement has been printed in the Guardian in 14-pt Arial font, as required by the court. While the original apology has been removed from the website, Apple has been ordered to produce a new statement but is required this time to change its positioning from a small link that brings you to a new page to an apology on the front page of its website, printed in 11-pt Arial font.

Representatives from Apple reportedly told the court it would take up to fourteen days to change the statement on its website, but one judge refused to believe this. So far, no new apology has appeared on Apple’s website and there’s no word on when it will be added.

Image Credit: The Next Web

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