Apple’s Had Two Cable Changes In A Decade. Guess How Many Samsung Has Had?

A picture is worth about a million words at this point, and we all need a little perspective on the Lightning connector change up Apple tossed our way yesterday. In the last ten years, how many new cables has the company introduced for its iPod and iPhone lineup? By our count, two. How many cables and plug changes have their been for Apple’s closest smartphone competitor? Looks like Samsung’s changed up their cord about eighteen times.

Does it suck that we have to upgrade our docks and iPhone-iPod speaker systems? You bet. But what sucks more, having to update every ten years, or having to use 18 different cables over the course of a decade? My money’s on twice a decade, and my pocketbook actually prefers it.

Update: @ericjgruber pointed out that the original iPod, and couple there after, actually shipped with a FireWire cable, so it’s actually three cables and not two.

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