Apple Working With Intel To Create New Smart Watch?

Have you ever looked down at your wrist and said to yourself, “I could sure use some more technology around there.” If so, you may be in luck. A new report out of Chinese news site Tech.163 says that Apple is in the process of preparing to enter the smart watch business.

The report states that Apple will be working with Intel to help create the device and that the watch will sport a 1.5 inch PMOLED display. The watch will largely be focused on integrating itself with other products, such as the iPhone, wirelessly over Bluetooth and has an expected release date of sometime in 2013.

The Smart Watch market is one that is just starting to find some popularity within the tech world. New products, such as Sony’s SmartWatch, are starting to gain followers, and integration with smartphones is beginning to get intelligent and useful.

While Smart Watches are currently a small niche market, and may very well remain like that, it’s possible that Apple might be able to find a way to market this kind of device to the masses. The company has already had a minor role in the watch market, with a small number of people having adopted the previous iPod nano as a watch of its own.

While I personally can’t see myself wearing an Apple watch, or any smart watch for that matter, in the near future it would be interesting to see what an innovative company like Apple could do if they officially enter the wrist accessory market.

Image Credit: Staple News

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