Apple Updates iCloud Beta Site With New, iOS 7-Like Design

Apple has pushed a new design to the iCloud beta website to more closely resemble iOS 7. The login screen now looks more flat, and the web app icons have been changed to match what is included on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch when running iOS 7. The apps themselves have also been redesigned to match that of iOS 7. This includes the Find My iPhone web app that has not received an iOS 7 surrounded update. However, iWork for iCloud still looks relatively the same, though it hasn’t yet been unveiled to the general public.

iCloud’s new design includes many of the same changes we’ve seen in iOS 7. This includes a flatter design, cleaner fonts, and an animated background on the main page.

As of now, it looks as if anyone can log into the iCloud beta page, even users without developer accounts. After playing around with it, the new interface seems natural and more redefined than its public release counterpart. We should see this new design be pushed to the public alongside the release of iOS 7 in the fall.

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