Apple Shows Off Sexy Mountain Lion Additions At WWDC 2012

Apple has given us a few more tidbits during its WWDC conference keynote today about the impending Mountain Lion release, set to launch this summer. While re-announcing Notifications and iCloud document syncing, Apple also mentioned that it will build dictation into OS X, iCloud Tabs, Power Nap, and Game Center additions.

All New Sharing Tools

Apple has also built default sharing tools into Lion natively, including sharing to email, Messages, AirDrop, Twitter, and Flickr directly from a Finder toolbar, as well as Safari and Preview.

iCloud Tabs

iCloud Tabs was also announced today, allowing iOS and OS X users to sync their tabs from one device to another, making it easier to move between devices while carrying out your daily web tasks. Also included in the iCloud tab view is is a live preview of the tabs that are open, so you can see what’s happening in a tab while switching between tabs. Cover Flow looks to be officially out. It’s animated, much like many OS X Mountain Lion features.

Power Nap

Apple has also developed a new tool that lets users let their computer keep up to date while it’s in sleep mode. The feature will update App Store apps, Mac OS updates, and backup all while the computer sleeps. “It automatically refreezes data, and goes easy on your battery.” It will work with both the MacBook Air 2nd Gen and the new MacBook Pro with Retina display. There’s no word on if the app is backwards compatible.

Game Center Goes Platform To Platform

Game Center is not only going to be available on OS X, but gamers will be able to play their friends between OS X and iOS devices, making a true multiplayer experience, regardless of which device you’re gaming on.

Mountain Lion will ship next month for $19.99. With this price, you will be able to update all of your Macs that support Mountain Lion.

Source: GDGT

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