Apple Releases Update For OS X Leopard. Yes, Really.

Straight out of the “things we didn’t expect to hear today” file, Apple has released an update for OS X 10.5, also known as Leopard. This update is all about security and disables old versions of Adobe Flash that could potentially leave your Mac vulnerable to attacks (as the recent update for OS X 10.7 also did). The update also gives Leopard users a tool with which they can remove the Flashback Mac virus which was the hot news a few weeks ago. If you’re on Leopard, you can get your update by opening your System Preferences and checking the Software Updates control panel.

Since Leopard, we’ve seen the release of two Mac OS X operating systems (Snow Leopard and Lion) and we’re on the precipice of ¬†another (Mountain Lion, due out this summer). While support for older systems gradually fades over time (as it should), it’s nice that Apple gave a little love to those who are still rockin’ the Titanium PowerBooks and Gooseneck iMacs.

Source: TUAW

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