Apple Refreshes System Status Page, Adds More Details

Apple has updated its system status page to show more than just iCloud service statuses. The company has expanded its status page to show the Apple Online Store, iTunes store and other online features services, including Dictation and Siri. Apple also shows when individual services are running smoothly, not just when they’re having issues, like previous iterations of its system status page. If a service is having issues, users will see a small yellow triangle next to the name of the service name. If a service is running smoothly, a green square will be displayed.

Another cool feature of Apple’s new server status page is the detailed timeline that is located below the system status chart. This timeline shows the times when Apple services are experiencing issues.

This update comes after a streak of iMessage outages that started in September and (hopefully) ended in late-November. Apple’s old system status page often showed little information on outages, whether it be the time of the outage or the actual service affected. Apple’s new system status page shows a lot more information and gives Apple users peace of mind when their favorite cloud services take a hit.

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