Apple Poaches Amazon A9 Exec To Run Siri

William Stasior, the Amazon executive that was in charge of A9 and the company’s search technology behind its website, is no longer working at Amazon and is now in charge of Apple’s voice-based Siri technology.  According to All Things D, Stasior may not just be working on Siri either, since “presumably” he’s also focusing on “Apple’s search and search advertising technology.”

If we had to hazard a guess, it would be more of a further mashup between search and Siri. Siri is increasingly reliant on searching the web for results, including searching some web-service databases for sports results, restaurant lookups, and other web based data. Siri is a full blown search engine now, and it’s only going to increase in scope as people become more comfortable conducting search with voice commands instead of text-based inputs.

Great hire by Apple.

“Siri, who else is Apple about to poach from the competition?” If only this job was that easy…

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