Apple job posting hints at Apple Television

Apple has posted a corporate job advertisement that relates to creating power supplies that are for Apple’s Macintoshes that include notebooks, desktops, servers, standalone displays and TVs.

The person hired for this position must be able to select the best designs for the product, be able to lead seminars for other teams in order to be able to allow them to create a power supply that will work with the products listed above.

The biggest surprise to everybody is the word TV. Not Apple TV, but just TV all by itself. This could mean ‘Apple TV’ as the product, but then why not include iOS platforms and single out Macintosh platforms as the target platform.

It would not surprise me that Apple is working on a television. There have been many rumors over the past few years regarding the possibility. The 27-inch iMac allows the screen to be used as a television monitor via the unit’s Mini DisplayPort.

There are a couple of different possibilities that I see for this position. The first is that Apple could just be creating televisions for use internally. By internally I mean within their own stores for displays. Instead of using 3rd party televisions, Apple could just create their own to have a major attraction of their store prominently display another Apple product.

One possibility — that many including analyst firm Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster would love to see —  is Apple come out with a television for consumers. Many have speculated that this television would be a 42-inch set; however, I would like to see a range of sizes.

One aspect that I have thought about is the name. Apple could not call it Apple TV or a Cinema Display. Apple Cinema TV, perhaps?

If Apple were working on a television, my guess is that they would include an IPS panel, giving it a much clearer display, and they would create a very crisp display that users could fully enjoy. Rumors are suggesting the end of 2012 before we see this, which is not a bad time frame since many consumers, including myself, would be ready a buy new television set at that point and would probably pay a premium for an Apple television, particularly if it came with a 3-year warranty option.

Article Via 9 to 5 Mac

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