Apple Forced To Publicly Apologize To Samsung

In some countries Samsung ripped off Apple, and in others, well, Samsung never really infringed on the company’s patents. We’re not sure how there can be such varying degrees of patent infringement definitions, but in London, Apple is being ordered to publicly apologize to Samsung, and run an advertisement stating explicitly that Samsung did not copy the iPad. In the UK, Samsung isn’t a “copyist.”

From The BBC:

The judge that oversaw the case is Judge Birss, and the judge stipulated that the ads noting that Samsung hadn’t copied iPad had to remain on Apple’s website for at least six months. The judge also stipulated that Apple would have to run other ads “to correct the damaging impression” that Samsung was copying Apple designs. The ads are to be placed in various magazines and newspapers.

In the UK the Galaxy Tab 10 did not infringe on iPad patents. But, in the US, during the patent trial between Apple and Samsung, a jury found that the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 10.1 infringed on Apple’s patents. If this isn’t a prime example of how badly the patent system needs an overhaul, we’re not sure what else would paint a more troubling picture.

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