Former Apple employee writes an email to Tim Cook addressing a sensitive topic

I’d have to agree to an extent with Chad Ramey, the writer of this email to Tim Cook. After four years of working as a Genius at the Apple Arrowhead retail location in Glendale, Arizona, he had a few things to say:

Apple is supposed to be a leader within the industry. You set the standards. You can make changes and others will follow. Use that position to better the world of retail, not sink to the depths of those around you. Make the change that will affect so many lives.

Here’s my take. Tim Cook is now CEO of Apple. That’s great – he’s doing a good job. However, Apple the company isn’t the same anymore. Ten, twenty years ago, bearing the Apple logo on the back of your computer meant everything. It meant you were part of a community, a select few individuals who did things differently — who thought differently. It wasn’t about the money. Rather, it was about the people and the product. While I still respect Apple and what it does, I too am beginning to see the similarities between it and Wal-Mart.

Read the entire email here.

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