Apple Designated ‘Green Innovator’ By Greenpeace

Apple and Greenpeace have butted heads plenty in the past, but when it comes to renewable energy commitments even Greenpeace can’t deny Apple’s leading the charge towards a cleaner internet.

Greenpeace has given Apple the title of “Green Innovator”:

Apple’s aggressive pursuit of its commitment to power the iCloud with 100% renewable energy has given the company the inside track among the IT sector’s leaders in building a green Internet. Apple has made good on its pledge by building the largest privately owned solar farms at its North Carolina data center, working with its utility in Nevada to power its upcoming data center there with solar and geothermal energy, and purchasing wind energy for its Oregon and California data centers.

It’s been a tumultous relationship in the past. Greenpeace has taken plenty of bunk potshots at Apple in an attempt to gain some publicity. The clash even boiled to a point where back in 2007 Steve Jobs penned an open letter, titled A Greener Apple, that took exception with a couple of Greenpeace’s rankings and justifications.

This time around Greenpeace has given Apple an “A” for advocacy, which is something that never happened in the past. Previously, Greenpeace seemed to place more emphasis on things like advocacy than on things like product life cycles. Bizarrely.

It’s amazing what a couple of years can do to a company’s green rating from Greenpeace. All things being equal, it’s interesting to see where companies fall on the “Green Innovator” listing this time around. Facebook and Google perform quite well, while companies like IBM and Twitter seem to be lagging behind the pack.

Via MacRumors

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