Apple and Amazon rate high consumer satisfaction, Netflix not so much

Apple and Amazon have a lot to celebrate as 2011 comes to a close, but Netflix might just like to forget it ever happened.

Consumer experience analysts Forsee say that Amazon came out on top this year for consumer satisfaction (just as they had in 2010) and Netflix, who has been their main competition for years, has taken a nosedive. Following Amazon (who enjoys a satisfaction rate of 88) are Avon, JC Penny, QVC and then Apple (with a rate of 83). After Apple you’ll see VistaPrint and Newegg.

Amazon and Apple both had a great year. The former launched the Amazon Fire tablet and has done a brisk bit of business (over the holiday season especially), and Apple’s iPad and iPhone continue to dominate their respective markets. Right now they find themselves in competition for consumer dollars as their respective tablets (whether they should or shouldn’t be) are locked in competition: The iPad holding most of the cards on the market, but the Fire quickly gaining ground.

It’s not hard to see why Netflix is eating some dirt this year: From unexpected and unwelcome price hikes, to a bizarre corporate restructuring which saw it split into two companies (Netflix for streaming and Qwikster for DVD delivery), followed by a peppering of awkward and bumbling apologies from the company for screwing everything up… they kinda wrote their own ticket to the hurt locker.

Source: Tech Crunch

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