Apple Adds Watchever To Apple TV In Germany, A TV And Movie Subscription Service

Apple has updated the Apple TV again, but this time only people in Germany are seeing the new app. After a support entry detailed an update to a service called Watchever, German users are now seeing the new app on the home screen for the on demand video subscription service.

Watchever is basically a German version of Hulu, which was launched this month by Vivendi. It offers local, European and international movies and TV series for €8.99 a month. Users can choose between a German version of international movies or the original. There is also a personal recommendation categories, similar to Netflix.

This is the first time Apple has added a service to the Apple TV that is international-specific and the first time it is only available in one region, as it doesn’t seem to be available to Apple TVs outside of Germany. This could be the start of Apple making deals with regions that have strong localized services that provide content that is appealing to Apple TV owners in a specific area.

Since launching the new iPhone-esque Apple TV interface, Apple has added a number of new apps, including the Wall Street Journal Live app, as well as the MLB, NBA and NHL apps.

Image Credit: The Next Web

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