Apple Acquires Trademark For The Word Retina

Apple has had two more trademarks added to their ever growing arsenal today. The US Patent and Trademark office granted Apple the trademarks today for the word Retina as well as for the company’s Game Center icon.

Apple uses the term Retina to describe any display where the pixel density is so high that the human retina cannot pick out individual pixels. Currently, the iPhone, iPad and as of just recently, the Macbook Pro have the feature. Apple’s trademark on the term Retina only covers computers and portable devices, so the word can still be used in reference to things such as eye and medical products. The trademark was originally filed back in May 2011, although it wasn’t approved until now. The Game Center trademark was filed in June 2012.

These trademarks are a bit too bland for me. I would like to see Apple get back into the wackier/totally insane side of trademarks.

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