No API access for the Mac App Store

There are a lot of websites out there that have made a killing off of iTunes and iOS App Store API access. Any websites that provide services that center on App Store searches rely heavily on Apple’s API to serve up those results.

Currently there’s no API support for the Mac App Store. It may be on the horizon, but it’s certainly not available just yet. Instead of returning application information (developer, price, artwork, etc) in an App Store search using the designated search methods, we’re met with a void return.

As you can see from the JSON return below, we’re not getting much out of Apple when it comes to the Mac App Store. The values were returned when searching for Panic’s Coda using the App ID:

So, it looks like it might be a while before we can include valuable download information in our post footers when we talk about Mac App Store applications.

We’ll keep our eyes open, and build in support once Apple gives it to us.

Update 1 2:22PM EST: Apple has just flicked the switch, Mac App Store API is good to go!

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