Amazon launches ‘Mac Software Downloads’

Today, Amazon has launched a Mac Software Downloads store, a way for its customers to purchase digital copies of applications for the Mac.

Amazon says its has 250 of the biggest titles available for Mac. Several apps that aren’t availble in Apple’s own Mac App Store are present — including Office and Photoshop Elements. Amazon is also offering several well-known games from companies like EA.

Once purchased, customers simply download the installer from Amazon’s servers, unlike Apple’s integrated Mac App Store, where apps are installed automatically. This is very similar to how Amazon’s MP3 Downloader works in contrast to the iTunes Music Store.

Amazon is offering a one-time use coupon for $5 off of any purchase from the store through June 1st as an introductory special.

Apple and Amazon have been fighting over the “App Store” name for some time now, and this is surely going to add fuel to the fire raging between the two giants.

Article Via The Loop

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