One billion people have been in Apple Stores


Today Apple confirmed that more than one billion people have walked into their stores. More than one billion people have been face to face with countless Apple computers, iPods, and iPads. Apple also announced that it plans to increase its total amount of stores to about 360 by the end of the year. They were able to achieve this all only 10 years after they opened their first outlet store in Washington DC in May of 2001.

I mean, one billion! Do you know how gargantuan that number is? It’s tremendously gargantuan, in case that needed clarifying.

At the stores near where I live in NY, people can always be found. I love stopping by myself, and I’ll always see people in there for no other purpose than simply using an Internet connected computer.

And I don’t even know how many people must walk into an Apple Store with absolutely no intention of buying something but end up a few thousand dollars poorer, and a MacBook or two richer. I’d be interested to see that statistic — if it’d be at all possible to figure out.

We all loved the Get A Mac commercials, but the Apple Retail Stores themselves are by far Apple’s greatest advertisement “campaign.”

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