Apple give us new ‘Reserve and Pick Up’ to ease the Christmas rush

The Apple Store can get pretty crazy over the Christmas period, and that sucks. Not only do you have to battle the high streets, (in my case London Regent Street which is a nightmare to walk down on a regular day) but you have to fight your way through the cold shoppers that have nipped in for a spot of Facebooking while you’re trying to decide which of the new iMac’s to buy ME!

Apple has tried to ease this a little for us now, and also taken away the worry you might have about the postman stealing your new Apple toys on the way from the depo.

You can now head over to the new Reserve and Pick Up site, and reserve all the stuff you’re after, making sure that it’s actually in stock at the store of your choice as well, pay for it online, then head on over and pick it up between from December 15th – 24th. They’ll even gift wrap it for you as well, because you know as well as me, no one can wrap things as well as they do in stores..

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