Apple expected to ship 1 million MacBooks per month Q4 2010

1 Million. 1 Meeelyun. Just think about that for a moment. Every month, on average, 1 million MacBooks are finding a good home, all around the world. That’s a big number. DigiTimes is reporting that Apple is on target to reach a monthly average of 1 million MacBooks shipped for the fourth quarter of 2010. That includes the entire notebook product line, including the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air.

The newly released Air accounts for 20-25% of that sales number, and rightly so. Combining ultra portability with great performance, the MacBook Air has been a pleasant surprise for most people who have used one. It’s no wonder that market share has increased sharply this year.

Sources for DigiTimes cited IDC’s figures and pointed out that Apple’s global notebook market share rose from 3.7% in the first quarter to 5.2% in the third, while its market share in the US market surged from 6.7% to 12.6%. MacBook shipments for the first three quarters of 2010 reached about 6.88 million units.

This news comes amidst sluggish notebook sales in general, with many companies blaming Apple’s iPad for taking a bite out of notebook sales. The general slowdown doesn’t seem to be affecting Apple too badly. It’s probably because they continue to innovate through difficult times and that innovation is paying off. There is no competition for the MacBook Air right now, so Apple has a big opportunity here going into the holiday season.

Black Friday, indeed.

Article Via 9to5Mac

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