App Review: Sofa (iPhone)


Sofa looks to help you find the right movie to watch by creating curated lists of movies. These are more general, like Monster Movies, or Sports movies. There are more specific lists, like Iconic movie cat. You can save movies into a custom watch list. Though you can’t see where to rent or stream those movies. I think that it would be easy to simply click through to iTunes or another app to begin watching the movies immediately.

You can also search by actors, directors, or writers that you’re looking for movies from. The whole app has a nice look to it. The photos and posters are in good resolutions, giving the app a nice look. I really like the way the scroll of posters look in your personal queue. I think that film lovers will find a lot in curating a watch list, but may want more. Things like personal queues for movies you’ve already watched. Favorite directors and writers. Sofa seems to have pared these away for simplicity’s sake, but I think that it might make the app too simple.

What’s Good: Great design, well made lists.

What Sucks: Lack of multiple tracking lists, no sourcing for renting or streaming.

Buy It?: If you’re a film fan usually looking for something new to watch, check out Sofa. Get it on the App Store for free.

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