Aaron Sorkin Shares Thoughts On The Steve Jobs Biopic

Aaron Sorkin is not only the man behind such brilliant movies like A Few Good Men and The Social Network as well as TV shows like The West Wing; he’s also putting together the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic that’s rumored to star Ashton Kutcher (though he says an actor has not yet been decided upon). The movie, to be released by Sony Pictures and based on Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography, does not yet have a release date, but it has lots of commentary from Sorkin.

Sorkin says he’s looking to do less of a “cradle-to-grave” treatment of the recently-deceased Apple CEO and, instead, find the points of friction that appeal to him and dramatizing them. He recently spoke at the D10 event with Walt Mossberg and conveyed some trepidation about tackling the story of such an iconic personality. Here’s some more from AllThingsD:

“I will be going through a long period that would not look to the casual observer like writing. It will look more like watching ESPN; to the untrained eye, it would look like watching college football. It’s a process of procrastination,” he said of his creative process.

Sorkin went on to say “He has to be a hero” and “I have to defend this character.” Jobs was not universally considered to be a force of good in the world and his personality is controversial, to put it mildly. To defend Jobs in the face of a skeptical, opinionated society will be a challenging chunk of work, to say the least.

Source: AllThingsD

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