6/4 News Roundup: WWDC Decorating Tips

As you know, we don’t cover rumors here at Macgasm (partially so that we don’t have to do any awkward backpedaling ahead of each event as it turns out that we overreached). We are still gearing up for WWDC, but we’re keeping Photoshop closed for now. However, that does leave us with slow news days.

1. Apple Decorates Moscone West

As it happens with every Apple event, everyone is trying to dissect content based on the messaging—and that includes the banners that Apple is using to decorate San Francisco’s Moscone Center ahead of next week’s Worldwide Developers Conference. iMore’s roundup is lighter on speculation than most, noting that the banners line up with the artwork on Apple’s WWDC website.

2. Apple Recalls Beats Pill XL

Apple issued a voluntary recall for the Beats Pill XL Bluetooth speaker to address reported overheating issues that caused burns and damaged furniture. Mac Observer notes that returning the speaker will net you $325 in either store credit or a check. Apple has since pulled all Pill XL speakers from its store.

And look! We made it through without one single “pill” pun!

3. Apple TV Is HomeKit’s Hub

MacStories links to a support document from Apple that lays out the role the Apple TV will play with HomeKit. As long as you have the third-generation Apple TV—the second hockey puck-style device—you will be able to control your HomeKit devices when you’re outside your home network.

4. Apple TV Rising

Speaking of Apple TV, Rene Ritche has an excellent editorial over at iMore about the future of the Apple TV. He argues that Apple needs to stop waiting for the industry to catch up and open an SDK so that we can get games an app that extend the device beyond streaming TV and movies. I can get behind the idea of an SDK that extends games on iOS to the Apple TV, though I still doubt that we’ll see Apple try to compete with game consoles.

5. Showtime Launches Streaming Apple First

I don’t know if any of you were dying for Showtime to debut its own cable-free streaming service, but in case you were, it will arrive in July, and be exclusive to Apple devices at first. Cheaper than HBO Now, you can get Showtime’s standalone streaming offering for just $11 a month. Macworld details that apps will be available for Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad. If you try the new service in July, you’ll be able to use it for free for 30 days.

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