Steve Jobs’ Gigantic Yacht Reportedly Stuck In Harbor Due To Payment Disputes

Steve Jobs Gigantic Yacht Reportedly Stuck In Harbor Due To Payment DisputesThe Jobs’ family yacht, commissioned by Steve Jobs before his death, is reportedly stuck in a Dutch harbor due to a payment dispute with French product designer Philippe Starck. According to Associated Press, Starck hired a debt collection agency and got a summary legal order to keep the boat from leaving the harbor.

The dispute involves only financial issues as Starck apparently received a lower payment than expected. Starck was only paid €6 million ($7.9 million) by Jobs’ family but believes he is owed €9 million ($11.8million).

A port of Amsterdam spokesman, Jeroen Ranzijn, confirmed that the boat has been in the harbor since December 8 and won’t be able leave until the civil dispute is resolved. He said, “It was actually ready to continue its voyage when there was a dispute between two parties, including the heirs, and one party laid a clam on the boat.”

Jobs helped Starck design the superyacht, which basically looks like an Apple Store on a boat, with the same minimalistic design. The yacht is 256 feet tall, with an exterior made of aluminum, floor-to-ceiling glass walls and 7 iMacs featured in the wheelhouse.

Image Credit: One More Thing

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