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Shh, here’s a sneak peek at our soon to be released iPhone app

We’ve been working on an iPhone app for a while now and it’s finally nearing completion. Actually, we’re almost ready to release it, but we’re...

Look Ma, I’m on The Bro Show

Any time we get invited onto someone else’s podcast we’re pretty surprised. We’ve been on some great podcasts in the past (Maccast, etc.), and we...

There’s a new man in my Mac’s life, and his name is Alfred

Alfred by Running with Crayons, Ltd., is a productivity application for your Mac. It functions as a super-fast launcher, a search engine, a file finder, and so much more. You can get the app for free or purchase an additional Powerpack for more functions.

Housekeeping: We’ve got a CDN on our side

Load times have been a huge problem recently with the website. It hasn’t been our server, or our hosting company. It’s been the massive traffic...

Clarus: The Pet Lover’s Mac app

Clarus ($24.99) by Kennettnet is a unique application that helps you keep track of your pets. It records important pet details, photographs, medication, and expenses, and offers templates so you can easily print out information for a pet babysitter or your vet. And there's a companion iPhone app so you can keep all your pets' information with you.

First look: Macgasm iPhone app

Hold your horses, our iPhone app isn't available just yet, but we are at the point where we want to show it off a little to our readers. We're pretty excited to get it into your hands, but we thought I might be a good idea to show it off and get some ideas from you guys first. What would you like to see in the Macgasm App? While you're thinking about it, check out this video of the app in action. Sorry about the backwards nature, Devin flipped the video.

Chrome and Firefox to add “Do Not Track” capabilities to browsers

Oh, advertising online, what a tangled web you weave. I’m so torn with advertising models, it’s not even funny any more. The FCC has recently...

Notificant: Like a digital string around your finger

If you need a reminder now and then, and if you want your reminders to appear across all your Macs and (soon) your iOS devices, then give Notificant a try. It's like a digital string around your finger.

Housekeeping: Two of our writers land new jobs!

There’s been a barrage of great news for some of our writers this week, and I just wanted to publicly congratulate them on their achievements....

Todolicious: A deliciously simple to do manager for Mac

Todolicious certainly does what it aims to do. It is elegant and simple and fast. It gets out of your way and lets you focus on getting things done rather than worrying about which contexts or tags to assign to your tasks. If you find yourself overwhelmed by complex task management systems, Todolicious might be just the thing for you.

DropBook for Mac: An elegant, lightning-fast way to update Facebook

DropBook is one of those applications that does one thing and does it exceedingly well. No more manual uploading of pictures to Facebook–just drag, drop, and send. Sharing web pages is a simple as dragging the URL to the DropBook icon and adding a comment, if you wish. You can add screenshots, iSight pictures, text, and photographs without going through Facebook to do it.

Daytum: Analytics for your life

Daytum is a simple and elegant way to keep track of the mundane details of your daily life. The sort of application intentionally targeted at...

Line2 wants to put telcos out of business: $10 unlimited package

If you haven’t heard of Line2, then you’re going to want to go and download their application right now. Any company who lists one of...

Happy New Year from Macgasm

Happy New Year, everyone! 2010 was a huge year for us, and 2011 will be even bigger. We have some huge plans for creating even...

Chronories: A daily diary and logging system for your Mac

Chronories is not just a diary application for your Mac. It is a living time capsule that helps you monitor your life in the present and preserve your memories for the future.

iPad 2 rumors du jour: small edition, giant honkin speaker

There are two major iPad 2 rumors that surfaced today, and instead of putting them both into their own posts, we thought we’d sum them...

Naughty or nice? Gift Plan makes it easy to check twice

Gift Plan ($1.99) by Glasshouse Apps is an iPhone app designed to help you keep track of gifts all year long. But it comes in especially handy for identifying who's naughty and nice on your Christmas list.

FLUD mobile now on the iPhone, features Macgasm

It seems like it’s RSS reader day around here. Today the FLUD team has released FLUD mobile, an iPhone version of their popular RSS reader,...