The best iPod Touch ever is made better with Apple Music

July saw the announcement from Apple of the release of their latest version of the iPod Touch. What has surprised everyone is how the advance previews of the Touch have jaded reviewers jumping up and down to proclaim this the best one ever. There is a lot to this iPod Touch to love, some of it lies in the hardware and firmware, but the addition of the new Apple Music app may just be what gains this Touch a place in every music lover’s kit.

Features of the new iPod Touch

There is a lot to get excited about with the new iPod Touch that has many of the reviewers hailing it as the best Touch ever. Start with the chip. This is the vaunted A8 Chip that promises not just more storage space, but far higher processing speeds to assure seamless play of music and videos. The A8 has been highly anticipated because it promises to give a studio playback appearance for media that has been the Touch weak point in earlier models. Apple also added in the revamped 8mp iSight Camera for more detail and capability. There are several apps that will even let you edit the clips right on the Touch as well. The other big news lies in the range of colors that are available. Apple made the rainbow happen with this new release for the Touch.

The release with Apple Music makes this even better

The new Apple Music app comes installed on the iPod Touch potentially making this the must-have item for music lovers. What many consumers are wondering is how Apple Music differs from iTunes. The difference lies in the fact that iTunes functions as a purchasing point and Apple Music was structured around streaming delivery of music. The functionality is geared towards ease of listening. Yes, you can still purchase music – and you should be glad of that. The Apple Music payment scheme is rated as one of the fairest to Indy and studio musicians. With so many musicians and audience members turning away from Spotify, Apple Music stands to gain one of the largest catalogs of available music that will only get bigger as time goes on. No matter what your music taste, you will find a whole library of it to choose from with Apple Music.

Taking it for a test dance

While only recently released so consumer reviews are not as prevalent as with other models, this Touch is being put through its paces and performing well. The most important thing to know is that the few glitches people are finding aren’t in the hardware or firmware. The Touch itself performs flawlessly. There are some small crash bugs with the Apple Music app, but that is to be expected. They will fix those with a fast up-grade. The fact that the Touch performs as advertised – and better – is the winning factor here.

Getting yours

Right now the Touch is available directly from Apple Stores. It should be appearing later on distributor sites. Be forewarned that there may be a waiting list depending on where you live. This Touch is living up to its hype and they are going fast. The article is well written by the team at who believe in learning the ins and outs of a product before reviewing it.