5 Ways that Video is Changing Managerial Practices

When it comes to managing employees, the ways of sitting them down in a chair and talking to them face to face have changed. You may still look them in the eyes and you might still be able to pick up on specific reactions or visual cues. That being said, when you are actually working with your employees to deliver the best feedback possible, it only makes sense to see how video conferencing can add value and make the entire managerial process that much easier.

Privacy Is Everything

When you have a conference with an employee there are many things that you must consider. One of the most important things about your relationship with your employees is that the things you say may need to be confidential This is not just because you want to have a great workplace and environment with your employees, but you also want to be sure that your employees are not going to turn you in for giving out confidential data or disclosing private information. According to Chron, many employees will not only want to have their personal information protected and kept private simply for their own benefit, but they will also want to have it kept private due to legal reasons. That is why having the privacy of a virtual conference on your side is one where you can get ahead by speaking directly with your employee while no one knows that any conversation even occurred; let alone what it was about.

Simple to Do

When you think about good managers, you will absolutely see how the best ones are able to communicate the most important information in a timely manner. They are also great because they maintain open lines of communication and that means they also are able to speak with all of their employees and hires as well. This is not just something that should happen, but it is something that can come back and bite the worst managers before they even know it. The best way to contact as many employees as possible without wasting the time of hunting them all down is to use the video conferencing services for optimal communication.

Give Them Visual Feedback

Rather than just telling employees what needs to be done, you have to be able to show them what they have done and what they need to do as well. For visual employees this is an imperative part of the process. That is why you should consider how you can best demonstrate examples to your employees in a paperless world. According to IBM, it is all about showing real visual feedback without letting anything else get in the way. So long as you can find some sort of screen sharing capabilities like the ones provided by virtual conferencing systems, you should absolutely be able to give them the actual feedback that they will need to move forward. Files need to be digital these days, and when you can communicate digitally and review things together, everything else becomes smooth.

Work No Longer Location Dependent

As individuals start to become more and more connected to the internet and more systems constantly become updated to become web compatible, the reality is more organizations are starting to shift to a model where the employees can work from home. The only downfall to this model is that you cannot speak face to face with your employees even if they can transfer the rest of their information and assignments. That being said, as the world of video capabilities becomes more powerful there is absolutely an opportunity to allow employees to work from home and still be able to see them just as often if not more often than you would if they worked directly in your office building.

Broader Candidate Net

Because of the fact that you can potentially hire anyone from anywhere, organizations are becoming more powerful and they are becoming more diverse at the same time. When you have different lines of thinking and different mentalities all of the time then you are completely able to tap into tremendous solutions because everyone brings something else to the table. That is why it makes the most sense to tap into conferencing and the visual model because you can definitely see more talent come into the organization.

As long as you are able to utilize the best technology at your disposal then you should be completely able to stay ahead of the curve. The fact of the matter is no matter what does end up happening in the organization then you will still need to compete, but you do need to be sure you can find the best efficiencies and tap into a model that will allow you to do more with your workforce by using less at the same time.