3 Traits of Attention-Grabbing USB Designs for Businesses

Arguably the grandfather of swag and everyone’s office go-to when in a file-saving pinch, the USB drive isn’t as obsolete as one would think. Yet while they’re extremely useful, flash drives can easily be discarded and relegated to some desk drawer to collect dust. The key to optimizing them as a swag giveaway with promotional impact resides in ensuring a USB’s design is as indispensable as their function — ideally having a cross function and even better, a personalized touch.

From camouflaging them as Legos to using with recycled cardboard, the options for nifty, memorable USB designs are endless. Consider some of the following when brainstorming your business’ next innovative USB-swag giveaway.


Granted a USB drive on its own possesses a critical function to easily save, transfer and print large files, their design has the potential to be just as useful if executed properly. And no, we’re not just talking about throwing a key chain on the end and calling it good. Consider investing in USB drives that double as a bottle opener, a mini pen or even carabiner-like “data hooks.” Once an everyday function is integrated into your promo swag, your business becomes associated with helpfulness and efficiency, which is not likely to be quickly disregarded or forgotten.


Though somewhat of a given, incorporating your company brand into your USB giveaway design is something you can have a lot of fun with. If you really nail it, the flash drive will correlate directly with your product or service, as elicited by a brand like Fiber One with their spoon USB design, or DirecTV’s remote control-style flash drive. The best way to ensure you find a design that works for your brand is to experiment. Companies like Maikii offer non-binding quotes on logo flash drives allowing you test out your own logo and design before deciding on a keeper. At the end of the day you want the USB to promote not only your business, but also a connection between it and the recipient. Creating a design that resonates with people will further solidify your brand and ensure the longevity of your promo item’s shelf life.


In a competitive business world — where the marketing playing field is saturated with endless promotions, social media posts and e-blasts constantly shoved into the shrinking attention spans of potential clients — standing out is critical to your brand retention. If you can make your USB design visually compelling and something a potential client didn’t think could be turned into USB form, your company is instantly affiliated every time that aesthetically pleasing flash drive is plugged into a laptop or PC.

“…USB devices have also become a subject of interest for the folks related to design and art industry and they have started creating some truly amazing, creative and unique designs for these USB devices,” according to one tech blog, Nadya’s World. Your company could be the one that takes something interpreted as an obsolete office supply, and reinvents it as the handy technology sidekick.

Whether it’s delivered in clothespin form (a cool throwback device married with a new-age technology which can lend for a piece of memorabilia), or disguised as a Star Wars toy, USB flash drives are anything but on their way out. Features like large memory storage and compact size are only compounded when they can fulfill another purpose, or even emotionally evoke a keepsake status. The only thing left to figure out is – how can your company deliver this timeless gadget in a creative, promotional way?