10 Reasons Reading with Nook for Android Beats Reading from Traditional Books

Many people love to read and bring their latest literary conquest with them almost wherever they go, but it was not always that way. Often, today’s busy adults started out as moderate readers, but when they adopt digital reading in favor of reading from traditional books makes it easy to really start tearing through pages. Many readers are initially hesitant to make the switch due to a refusal to accept that the convenience and authenticity of book-reading could be recreated on an Android tablet, but readers everywhere can attest that this is dead wrong. Literary aficionados have compiled a list of ten great reasons using the Nook reading app for your Android tablet for your reading will vastly improve your experience with books and will inspire you to become a more avid reader.

  1. Paper-Thin – Probably the biggest reason most readers fall in love with Nook is because of the ease with which it allows them to carry even large books with them. These readers on the go are always carrying a tablet for purposes other than reading anyway, so turning a tablet into a reading source condenses the extra weight they would normally to carry around in order to keep a book from over a pound to literally nothing.
  2. Highlights – Being able to highlight whatever text you want just by double-tapping it with your fingers is great for students reading textbooks on Nook, but easy highlighting is a good option to have for pleasure readers, too. You can effortlessly highlight especially meaningful or insightful phrases and they will be saved in an archive you can browse later.
  3. Adjustable Font Sizes – Reading just before bed instead of surfing the net or watching TV is scientifically proven to improve sleeping habits, but your eyes are often tired at the end of a long day. It is easy to change the font in books on your Nook to be a bit larger so even tired eyes have no problem quickly processing words. The feature is great for far-sighted individuals, too.
  4. A Portable Library – Maybe the most well-known feature of eReading apps is that you can carry around literally thousands of books when you bring one with you. It is like owning the biggest bookstore in the world and being able to fit it inside your tablet.
  5. Searchable Text – Can you count the number of times you’ve have spent long periods searching through text for a specific quote or other phrase in a traditional book? With Nook for Android, you can instead open the settings menu in a book and enter the phrase you want to find into the search bar. It almost instantly searches the whole book, showing whatever instances of that phrase it finds.
  6. Hear Your Books – If you just want to lie back and close your eyes, but you cannot wait to find out what happens next in your book, let the Nook’s built-in text-to-voice function read the book to you.
  7. Adjustable Backlight – One of the biggest downsides of traditional books is that you cannot read in the dark or semi-dark – at least, not without straining your eyes – whether it is because you are outside at night or on a darkened airplane. Because Nook for Android is on a tablet, the backlight is adjustable. This allows you to read anywhere at any time.
  8. eBookmarks – Deciding how to mark your place when reading a book is always a debacle. Dog-earing the page where you left off damages the book, folding the dustcover of the book into the spot you left off damages the cover’s integrity, and carrying around a separate bookmark is just a hassle. The Nook app lets you digitally save your page, so you will always know where you left off without having to worry about marking your place.
  9. Instant Delivery – Another popular selling point of eReading apps is the ability they have to browse online bookstores and have new books purchased from and delivered to the device, even when on the road.
  10. Integrated Dictionary – Having to skip past words you don’t know has always been an unfortunate reality of traditional book reading, but the Nook app’s built-in dictionary lets you look up words you don’t recognize just by tapping them. This will not only add to your reading satisfaction, but it will help build your vocabulary.

All of the features described above, as well as many more features and hundreds of apps available on Nook’s easy-to-navigate eShop, will make reading a lot more fun and will allow you to squeeze every drop of satisfaction possible out of your tablet reading experience. Nook is also available as an app for iOS and for Android phones but, if we do say so ourselves, the Nook reading app for Android tablet is the magnum opus of Nook’s arsenal… at least, so far.