Worth Reading: Stephen Hackett On Microsoft’s Big Day

Stephen Hackett over at 512 Pixels takes a look at Microsoft’s Windows 10 announcement event:

“Like many who have been in the Apple camp for a long time, my natural tendency to dismiss Microsoft as old and boring, reserved for people stuck in the enterprise, but the truth is that Redmond is more relevant than they have been in years, and today’s event proves it in several ways.

“Color me excited about what Microsoft is doing for the first time in a long time.”

I don’t have much more to add, but I do find it interesting how the anti-Microsoft sentiment in Apple circles has subsided in the last decade or so. If you told me ten years ago that many onlookers would see Google as the “bad guy”—and Microsoft as the upstart competitor—I probably would’ve laughed at you.

[Photo: ToddABishop/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)]

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