Two Apple Docking Stations That’ll Please the Inner Hipster

When one attempts to define what a hipster is, one would ultimately fail. The problem is that hipsters cannot be defined, because in order to define them, they would have to fit into a category, and fitting into a category is just too mainstream. Needless to say, a hipster would be just about completely content with living in the “olden days”. Spend a day sitting on a wooden bench in a park, typewriter on their lap, deep in existential thought about the world around them. Ironically, the same hipsters that seem to be against the concept of giant corporations running the world, are the same people that have the largest array of Apple products. This is perfect though, because smart-devices are the way of the future. As each new product, be it iPhone or iPad is released, an almost infinite number of fantastic gadgets and accessories are released too.

There are many accessories available, making it possible to turn your device into just about anything. One of my favourite types of accessories is that of the docking station. The docking station allows your phone to recharge its battery, in style. Here are two perfect docking stations for the inner hipster inside all of us.

Stereoluxe Vintage Radio

Hipsters can’t help but go nuts for anything vintage. It is almost like they gain their power through items of the past. Why listen to a car radio, when you are able to have a sleek looking vintage radio player instead? Complete with shiny knobs and an AM/FM frequency tuner that you’d probably find in a 70’s horror movie. Simply slot your device into the dock situated at the top of the radio, select your station and sit back and let the creative juices flow.

iPhone Slot Machine

Hipsters have often been compared to cats (by myself, of course). Both cats and hipsters are strangely drawn to anything that is brightly coloured and flashing. If you add the fact that the brightly coloured, flashing object has exciting sounds emanating out of it, you’ve hit a homerun. This is why this one-armed-bandit docking station is the perfect accessory to have. Unfortunately, the docking station only works with minimal casino applications, but this is about to change. Thanks to the people behind the online gambling site, Jackpotjoy, we can expect to find more and more of these accessories popping up, catering to all of your gambling needs.

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