Patent War, Tom Hanks Steals An iPad, No Girls Allowed, Retro iPhone Cases, And More In Our Weekly Reading Roundup.

Now that Apple event season is over, the actual news revolves around gauging the success of Apple’s new software and hardware. The new revisions in UI made iOS 7 a bigger than normal risk. Apple revealed the adoptions rates of iOS 7, showing a nearly 75% adoption rate. Now the real question is how many of those 75% bitched on Twitter after their update. The iBeacon system got some renewed support from Apple, as the company has installed the system in all their retail stores. Apple went on the offensive in the patent war, as they were granted 48 new patents. Combined with Apple’s demand for Samsung to pay their legal fees to the tune of $16 Million, you can guarantee that we’ll be having to listen to the armchair lawyers for the years to come. Tim Cook has been stuck with his own trollish speculator, as activist shareholder Carl Ichan demanded a vote to force a stock buyback.

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