NYPD Geniuses, Upgrade Trolls, Russia’s Shuttle, and More in Our Reader Weekly

Apple likes to tout the number of iOS users that upgrade to the newest version of the operating system, but when the NYPD encourages users to upgrade it’s a strange kind of success. However, every new OS has its bugs, and Apple already released iOS 7.0.2 to combat the lock screen bugs. The wrinkle in the story is that it created a brand new lock screen bug. Speaking of bugs, it was found that users could actually scan five different fingerprints into each slot with the new iPhone allowing for up to 25 stored fingerprints. The Apple TV got some love this week, Apple pushed out MLS and Disney Channels. Finally Apple announced some very impressive iPhones sales numbers, and analysts are trying to dissect the 5s vs. 5c breakdown.

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