Hide from this week’s cold with last week’s news


If you’re in a large chunk of Canada and the US, you are busy hiding from the cold. That combined with the flu, may be why this reader is more than a few days late. However, I didn’t want to skip over the chance to talk about Apple’s 30th Anniversary Celebration, with a big party in Cupertino. It seems like a lot of to do for a product people say Apple doesn’t care about. Though it would easy to blame partiers getting out of of control, it was actually a snow plow that broke one of the Fifth Avenue Apple Store’s glass panels. The long war of words with the Justice Department and Apple over the court appointed compliance monitor, as the company awaits an appeal trial. Foxconn found itself in some legal woes, when some if it’s managers were embroiled in a kickback scheme. Those of you vexed with iPhone crashes can can expect relief, Apple has acknowledged it has a release planned to fix the issue.

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