Catch Up On The News From The Last Week

We are deep into the slump of non-Apple event season, but the news is getting twitchy on the rumor front. There was a leaked picture of the iPad mini-like iPad 5. That was then refined even further when possible details of a smaller LED backlight emerged.

Of course, all of that might be moot because of reported production delays which also seem to appear like clockwork every time a new announcement may be on the horizon.

Though the rumors have begun swirling, there was real Apple news as well: Ron Johnson was let go at JC Penney after failing to bring the Apple Magic to the failing retailer, and Apple pulled App Gratis from the App Store causing the french government to take notice.

This week a judge ruled that Apple and Google are not interested in settling their differences, news that is shocking to no one.

Finally, and likely the most irritating news this week, iMessage kept going down several times.

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