Apple’s Next Event, Samsung’s Smart Watch, Apple Rumor Stages and More In Our Reader Weekly

Well we’re finally going to see how many of those so-called “leaks” over the last six months have been a combination of photoshop and attention seeking behavior, as Apple finally announced their September event. A curious wrinkle in the usual September news is that there is another press event the next day, in China. The new iPhone may already be marred by more labor controversy, as China Labor Watch singled out another Apple supplier. Jabil Circuit, for forced overtime. The Judge in the Apple e-books case finally gave the details of Apple’s penalties. The legal department at Apple did get a win this week when it was ruled that iTunes DRM was never monopolistic.

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Kelly Severick from WIRED/Science Now describes a new video game being developed by neuroscientists for “cognitive exercise.”

Collect Space takes a look at the modernization of Mission Control. Interesting to see how PC’s have completely changed the approach, and replaced the giant consoles of the Space Shuttle era.

Peter Bright at Ars Technica covers another interesting leak from the NSA, showing that the agency worked actively to weaken encryption algorithms.

Glenn Fleishman explains why Yahoo deciding to make a logo by committee short changes the importance of graphic design, and makes a pretty well reasoned argument that design is important.

Krebs on Security investigates the ways that even Java’s security measures are vulnerable.

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