Apples iPhone Event, When is Filpboard going to pay publishers, and more in our Reader Weekly.

Well that was a week. We finally got to see what Apple had up their sleeves. The iPhone 5C turned out to be a cosmetic upgrade to the iPhone 5, not the rumored low end iPhone. Turns out that the iPhone 5c and it’s Manic Panic designs seemed to prove pretty popular, as there were models selling out during preorders. As for the iPhone 5S, the off cycle update did feature the rumored fingerprint sensor, as well as a processor upgrade, and a new motion co-processor. Or as our own Ian Betteridge puts it, the “S” stands for sensors. Though the event obviously dominated the News cycle pretty thoroughly, there was some not-iPhone news. The greeting card app for iPhone was killed off. Also you’ll need to sign up for an Apple ID Now if you want to service at the Genius Bar.

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