Apple Gets Political, Siri On The Simpsons, And Bad Infographics In Our Weekly Reading Roundup

Apple joins the millions of college freshman finishing up their Poli Sci 101 courses, and got political this week. Tim Cook penned an editorial in the Wall Street Journal in support of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Apple also responded publicly to the NSA spying scandals, detailing what information the government asks them for, and including a provision that will be removed in the event they are asked for further information. This overt political sentiment may be a sign of further involvement in the USA, as they are building another factory in the US. Like any Apple release, OS X Mavericks has had its fair share of critics; Gmail users being among the loudest. Apple responded by issuing an update. The new iWork suite isn’t doing much better; however instead of an update, Apple released a roadmap to restore features over the next six months.

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