Your MacBook Will Look Awesome In Pack & Smootch’s Hampshire Sleeve

Pack & Smootch Hampshire

Pack & Smootch, a German electronic accessory maker, is known for making some of the sexiest MacBook and iPad sleeves on the market. Its cases and sleeves are all handmade using the best materials on the market, like vegetable tanned leather and real wool felt. While browsing the company’s small line of products, one really caught my attention: the Hampshire laptop sleeve.

The Hampshire is a 100% pure wool felt sleeve with vegetable tanned leather accents. The sleeve is 3mm thick, so you can be sure that it will protect your MacBook from damage from small drops and bumps. The sleeve is handmade in Germany and is shipped directly from Pack & Smootch’s warehouse in the country.

The Hampshire itself features two separate pockets: one for your MacBook and an extra one for small accessories like headphones or an iPhone. Because the sleeve has minimal extra space inside, it allows for a sleek look.

The Hampshire sleeve starts at €64,00, or $84.43 USD, via Pack & Smootch’s online store. The sleeve is available for all MacBook Pro and Air screen sizes, including the MacBook Pro with Retina display and 17-inch MacBook Pro. The Hampshire is available in four different color combinations.

Image Credit: Pack &  Smootch

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