Your iPhone Will Be Protected And Unique With The FreeRunner

While ultra-protective iPhone cases like the Otterbox Defender and the LifeProof case may protect your iPhone, they look, well, kind of dull. Both of these cases offer a slightly-industrial look and lack any type of playfulness. However, the folks at SwitchEasy have recently decided to develop their own take on the ultra-protective iPhone 5 case with the FreeRunner: a protective iPhone case with unique styling.

The FreeRunner is made up of three-layers of protective materials. These layers include a plastic front shield, a TPV rubber innersole, and a tough polycarbonate outer frame. These layers give your iPhone full, 360-degree protection from any bump, drop, or fall you throw at it, ensuring your phone won’t crack, scratch, or shatter. Your iPhone’s Lightning and 3.5mm headphone connector are also covered, so dust and dirt won’t seep in.

As far as the FreeRunner’s design goes, the case features an interesting circular pattern on its rear plate. These circles curve around to the side of the case, and allow some of the grippy TPV rubber from the case’s inner shell to make its way to the polycarbonate outer shell, giving your iPhone added grip.

If you’d like to purchase a FreeRunner for your iPhone, expect to drop $34.99 for the case via The case is available in six different colors, so you should be able to find one that matches your style and personality.

Image Source: SwitchEasy

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