Your iPad Will Be Protected And More Functional With The Moleskine Tablet Cover

The iPad is a great device, but I still find myself carrying a Moleskine notebook in my bag for drawing doodles and jotting down notes. Because of this, I was on the hunt for an iPad mini case that featured a built-in notebook. Much to my surprise, the folks at Moleskine actually offer a case for both the iPad and iPad mini.

The case is quite simple: it’s a folio-style iPad case with a built-in Volant Notebook. The case itself looks like a standard Mokeskine journal and looks to have the same leather-like finish. The inside of the case is coated in a soft material, so your iPad’s screen won’t be damaged, scratched or scuffed. Since its a folio-style case, it will protect the front, back and sides of your iPad.

As far as the notebook goes, the case includes a standard Volant notebook. The notebook itself has 96 pages to doodle, with the last 16 pages being detachable. Once you run out of room in the included notebook, you can simply purchase a new Volant from Moleskine and you’re on your way. The Volant notebook is a reporter-style notebook, meaning it opens from the bottom.

If you’d like to purchase a Moleskine case for your iPad, you’ll have to shell out $65.95 for the iPad mini model or $89.95 for the full-sized iPad model. Moleskine also offers a slimmer, more colorful version of the full-sized iPad case for the same price.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.