Your Favourite IM Client has been updated : Adium

Here’s the change log for the “Major” updates. I know, a lame excuse for a post. ;) Get Adium here!

Major Changes

  • Complete redesign of the Contact Inspector (formerly the Get Info Window) (#1148)
    • Complete interface overhaul (#1148,#9373)
    • Profiles for combined contacts now display in a unified fashion
    • Combined contacts’ contents are now managed in the contact list; they automatically expand in the contact list when inspected
    • Increased buddy info retrieval speed
    • Fixed management of serverside group associations from the Contact Inspector (#1872)
  • Added Facebook Chat service to Adium (#9607)
    • Known limitation: logging into Facebook Chat via Adium will log you out of the Facebook website.
  • Added a search field to the Standard Contact List window (#6444)
    • This can be accessed either from the Edit menu or by blindly typing into contact list (the previously-existing type-ahead find feature).
  • Switched to MSN-Pecan, a new MSN library for libpurple. Notable changes with MSN-Pecan:
    • Support for personal messages
    • Improved error handling for networking issues
    • Improved http method support
  • Major performance improvements, most notable when signing on multiple accounts simultaneously and when chatting while other applications are making heavy use of your hard drive.
  • Tons of improvements and fixes, big and small – see below for all the details!

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