WWDC 2012: Safari, Photo Stream, And Mail Get Major Upgrades In iOS 6

If you’re an Instapaper user, you’ll be happy to know that Safari in iOS 6 will now support the ability to store pages for offline reading. If you want to load a bunch of wiki pages for your flight, you can now do that right in Safari. That’s not the only update to Safari, though. You can now upload photos right in web forms, so using the web is even better. If you like using native apps, though, Safari now supports and API that lets websites show a banner that advertises the existence of their iOS app. This will make for less annoying interstitial splash screens when browsing.

Photo Stream is incredibly useful — your photos everywhere. With iOS 6, you can now selectively allow your stream to be shared with any of your friends via iOS, Apple TV, OS X, or the web.

Mail is getting revamped. Pull to refresh is now built-in as well as the ability to set certain senders or key phrases as “VIP mail” that will get sent directly to your lock screen like a text message. The composition window is even better and streamlined now with the ability to add video and photos from one screen.

Image Credit: GDGT

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