WWDC 2012: iOS 6 Gets Facebook Integration, Do Not Disturb, And FaceTime Over Cellular


If you’re a Facebook user, you’re going to be happy. Now you can share your images and videos in any supported app across the whole OS. Facebook has really gotten its hooks into iOS — it is integrated with Siri, your address book, and even the App Store. Now see when you friends are using.

For those of us who can’t take the constant notifications, there is now a do not disturb toggle. You can have it hold all of your notifications, or go on a granular level on a per-app basis. That said, repeated calls, like that in an emergency, will make it past your firewall of silence.

If you’re a FaceTime lover, you’re going to love this news. As of iOS 6, FaceTime will now work over cellular. Anywhere with Wi-Fi or cellular signal, you can voice chat. The future is here. Also worth noting is that you can now unify your number with your Apple ID, so FaceTime calls to your phone can be answered on the iPad or Mac as well.

Image Credit: GDGT

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