Worth Reading: Seth Clifford On Apple’s Default Apps

As a diehard Safari user, I tend to get a little defensive toward people who belittle the idea of using Apple’s default apps. (I also waffle back to Reminders pretty often.) Seth Clifford offers up a defense of Apple’s apps, saying they do a good enough job, but without weighing the user down with options:

“There are still plenty of strange UI choices and functional misses for me in some of Apple’s default apps. I could probably write a series of posts on this topic alone. But what I’m discovering is that the more I give in to accepting that some of these apps provide the core functionality I need in a certain app, the less I find my mind wandering toward exploring an endless array of options and falling into a rabbit hole of tweaking workflows and deluding myself into thinking it’s helping in some way. Faux-ductivity. I’m totally coining that. Try to stop me.”

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