WordPress for iPhone OS 2.0: a Review

Automattic, the creators of the popular blogging software, WordPress, have released the second version of the iPhone OS application that allows you to manage posts, pages and comments.

Wordpress for iPhone OS 2.0 adds a couple of features that WordPress for iPhone OS 1.0 did not contain. The first is that you now have the ability to see the ‘Pending’ comments. This wasn’t available within WordPress for iPhone OS. This allows an admin to approve comments and posts while on the go instead of having to be in front of a computer.

The second new feature is a just a better layout. With WordPress for iPhone OS 1 everything was done with basic table views; which does work but can seem less than friendly. While this is still the case within WordPress for iPhone OS 2.0 the table views now look better, and seem less utilitarian.

There is a third, very minor, fix within WordPress for iPhone OS 2.0. If your blog names contains any sort of symbol, like an apostrophe, it will actually show as an apostrophe under WordPress for iPhone OS 2.0. Under WordPress for iPhone OS 1.0 it would show as the HTML ascii representation. For instance, an apostrophe would appear as “‘” That’s not very user friendly.

Wordpress for iPhone OS 2.0, just like 1.0, works quite well with WordPress and WordPress MU blogs. I would like to see a few things from the WordPress for iPhone OS application. I would like to see the ability to fully administer a blog from the application. Now you can only write posts, manage comments and pages. I would like to be able to add plugins, change plugin settings and anything else I can do via the web interface.

Overall though, WordPress for iphone OS is a good application that anybody that has a wordpress blog should look into getting; provided you have an iPhone OS based device. It might help you with the daily tasks of running a blog.

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