Let’s Go Stand In Line For 3 Days: Here’s Why Apple Fans Do It

You’ve either witnessed this in person, seen it on the news, or been a part of it. Hoards of people waiting in ridiculously long lines outside Apple Stores to get their hands on the newest device. A study by market research firm Hanft Projects looked into this further and has revealed that the reason people do it is to boost their self esteem. Wait, what?

New York Brand Consultant Adam Hanft says waiting and suffering through this kind of thing with other people is a concept known as “social proof.” When standing in a crowd of people all trying to do accomplish the same goal, shoppers see themselves as making the right buying decision. “Shopping has become a collective event,” Hanft told MarketWatch.

Daniel Ladik, an associate professor of marketing at Seton Hall University actually encourages it. He says he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with people getting outside and socializing with one another when the alternative is to sit inside and interact with a computer screen. “It’s a community thing, there’s no other logic to it.”

Personally, I’d prefer to pre-order from the comfort of my home. Just saying.

Source: MarketWatch
Image Credit: The Times

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