White iPhone YouTube spoof

This past week, we first reported that the white iPhone mysteriously appeared on Apple’s iOS application, sparking rumors that it might finally be appearing. Then we reported that the phone was still delayed due to camera issues. Finally, we reported that Apple had removed all signs of the white iPhone from their website, suggesting that we may never see the white iPhone.

So we got our hopes up this week, only to have them dashed to smithereens. Most of you probably just shook their heads at this news, but there is supposedly a handful of people out there staunchly holding out for the white iPhone. The folks over at JLE posted a YouTube video mocking the whole ridiculous situation, and I’m sorry to say they got in a few good jabs at the white iPhone zealots. The best line in the video: “you’re a stupid human being who has waited five months for a phone that is a different color that you’re just going to put a cover on anyways.” Check out the video below

Article Via Boy Genius Report

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